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Ensure objectivity in the hiring process and give everyone an equal chance.


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Cognitive & Learning Agility

Understanding your candidate's ability to learn, apply new knowledge, and solve problems is one of the main predictors of future employee's success. The more complex the job, the more effective cognitive ability assessments are at predicting future on-the-job performance.

  • Mental Speed and Ability
  • Verbal and Numerical Reasoning
  • Administrative Operations
  • Attention to Details

Personality Assessments

CVs and Cover Letters are ok, but they don't give you enough insights about candidates. Use our Personality Tests to get to know them better, understand how they fit into your company's culture, as well as their approach to work. These assessments give you a great starting position for interviews.

  • Personality Self-Assessments
  • Motivators
  • Competences
  • Team Roles & Leadership Styles

Skill & Knowledge Testing

Measure your candidates' current level of capability to perform a specific job, as well as assess the development needs of your current employees. You can choose one of the pre-defined tests, or create your skill tests that take the guesswork out of hiring and training.

  • Generalist Engineering
  • Front-End Technologies
  • Language Proficiency
  • Custom Assessments

360° Feedback

Collect feedback from above, below, and side to side to spur employees' development, to help them grow and reach their potential!
With 360° Feedback, you can use Questionnaire Templates or create Customized Tests to Measure the Performance of your employees perceived both by themselves and others.

  • Choose the Competences
  • Select or Create Questions
  • Invite Subjects & Evaluators
  • Collect Feedbacks & Create Reports
  • Utilize Data and Measure Impact

Achieve Authenticity with Generative Algorithms

We ensure every candidate gets a unique set of questions while keeping the same test functionality. This way, we boost the validity of the assessment and obtain authenticity in candidates' answers.

Keep Up to Date with Dynamic Norms

Through the available data, we periodically update the norms of the assessment tools, helping our Clients make quality decisions, and never base their conclusions on outdated data.

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