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One Assessment helps teams of all sizes get better at facilitating Hiring processes, HR Administration, nurturing Inhouse Talents and Employer Branding.

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Our Product

First-timer? Or old-hand? Optimize your HR operations with One Assessment.


Make your Talent Acquisition process easier

Our platform helps you optimize and automate the entire recruitment process cooperating with all stakeholders. Easily create job requests, obtain approvals and track their status.

  • Submit and Track Job Requests
  • Create and Publish Job Ads
  • Gather Applicant Information
  • Manage Communication with Candidates
  • Track Recruitment Process Phases


Make hiring decisions with more confidence

One Assessment empowers companies to find capable candidates quickly – not just those with the relevant skills, but to also identify those with desirable personality traits. Now it's possible to discover candidates with latent potential, such as talented fast learners, even if their technical skills are temporarily not at the required level.

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Add flexibility to all parties in the Recruitment process.

Set up professional one-way video interviews that adapt to everyone. Add your questions and give candidates enough time to prepare and record their videos while reviewing them at your leisure. Besides being time-effective, one-way video interviews support companies in finding and hiring the best candidates, no matter where they live.


Be on the same page with your coworkers

You don’t have to do all the work, our platform can help you free up some resources. We give HR pros a way to easily track and manage day-to-day work to enhance the entire employee life cycle. With One Assessment, you get modern HR features like:

  • Onboard, Evaluate, and Develop Employees
  • Organise and Manage Teams
  • Collect, Create, and Update Employee Docs
  • Define Work Positions and Payroll Grades
  • Use Company Wall to Gather All Employees


Build your Brand while scouting for talents

Promote your company's Identity and Culture to a defined group of candidates or even broader!
Based on diverse candidate data (collected with our Analytics tools while respecting Candidates Privacy) you can quickly create attractive Ads, either for a specific job position or any other occasion! Once created, you can share them on Career Portals, Google, and Social Networks without leaving the HR dashboard.

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